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Buyer and Seller Tips

Tips that Joyce can provide are near endless. Here are a few seller tips to consider right away. Be sure to call Joyce today for a complete list of buyer and seller tips!

It takes an average of 14-16 weeks to sell a house. This means that some sell in just a few days and some may take several months.

These factors influence the time it takes to sell a property:

Price – if the property has not sold after a reasonable length of time, but other similar properties have sold, then the price may need to be adjusted.

Terms – If the terms being offered are not competitive and the financing should cost too much, or if the seller requires more down payment than most people have who will buy in that area, then the terms may delay or prevent the sale.

Condition – If the property should show poorly or have major defects, which cannot be or are not corrected, a sale may not take place until the condition is improved or until the price is adjusted to compensate for them.

The Agent You Select – Agent promote properties differently. They are familiar with the condition of the real estate market, the importance of timing and the competition of the market from week to week. Your agent needs to supply you with a constant flow of information in helping you determine if your property could be sold more quickly by:

1. Improving the condition of the way the property shows to buyers
2. Offering good terms
3. Adjusting the price

  1. Have your property looking its best at all times.
  2. Keep the yard neat and clean! Have shrubs trimmed and the lawn cut. Make the prospect WANT to come inside. The first impression is very important.
  3. Dress up the windows. They are the eyes of the house.
  4. Have the garage clean and neat. Broken window panes or loose door knobs make a bad impression.
  5. Keep the house tidy! Not as a furniture store display window, but as a comfortable home in which to live.
  6. Make all minor repairs such as sticking doors, leaky plumbing, broken light switches, etc. Little things like these make a house hard to show and OFTEN KILL A SALE.
  7. If you have a dog, keep him out of the house and under control. Many buyers are afraid of a house dog.
  8. Shut off or tune down the radio! It is distracting when in operation.
  9. A moderate amount of heat adds a feeling of coziness in cold weather.
  10. Let plenty of light into your rooms! Nothing dispels gloom more effectively than lights.
  11. Never apologize for the appearance of the house! It only emphasizes the faults.
  12. If redecorating is needed, do it if possible! Properly done, it creates appeal. (Some decorators will do a limited amount of work and take their fee out of a sale.)
  13. Leave the showing of the house to the salesperson! Interrupting his sales presentation may lose a sale!
  14. If a customer asks questions about the house and neighborhood, answer directly and truthfully. Questions about the transaction should be referred to the salesperson.
  15. If you feel that the salesperson overlooked some good selling points, telephone him after he returns to the office.
  16. Be prepared at all times to show your home. The prospect you turn away may be the logical buyer.
  17. Please feel free to discuss frankly with your REALTOR any problem that may arise relative to the marketing of your property.

The selling of property, especially a home, involves a certain amount of inconvenience to the occupant. All good sales persons are aware of this and will be as considerate as possible. With this type of cooperation from you they will work energetically to find you a buyer, and a sale will be made if your house bears a fair marketable price tag.

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